Our Mission

We'll focus on the size.
You focus on the sparkle.

We aim to change the mindset about diamonds. This is not just a website. It is a tool for you to use based on the Owner’s personal frustrations and experiences ring shopping. This tool is tailored after his process getting a great deal and high quality diamonds, all within his budget.

(We do not sell diamonds. We just help you find the right ones for your budget)

How is this done?

The 4 C's

Yes, you already know they exist, however, there is one "C" you MUST IGNORE.


Our Story

im the average guy who doesn't have the "celebrity" budget to spend on a ring that is the latest trend on Pintrest. Buying the best diamonds possible for my future wife, while remaining within my budget, and meeting my timeline for the proposal was the ultimate goal. Over a six-month period, my frustrations grew as I researched all the different qualities of diamonds. What I realized was simple. Diamonds are overpriced!

The goal for the ring was known; I wanted to purchase a 1-carat oval-shaped diamond with two pear-shaped diamonds on the sides, making the ring a three-stone ring. Noticing how expensive diamonds were at the jewelry stores, not only was I never going to pay that price, it simply was not an option for my budget. So, I researched, and researched some more.

The alternative to jewelry stores is buying loose diamonds. While this route required more energy and patience, the time spent is worth the reward; getting you more for less. That is the route I chose and to make the process simpler, I focused on one shape at a time, starting with the oval center stone.

During my process I realized a major detail, jewelry stores market carat weights at specific dimensions. This leaves the buyer in the dark as

to the possible variations in size. Meaning, it's possible for you to find diamonds at lower carat weights with dimensions the same as a 1-carat diamond. This is a common occurrence!

Out of all the "C’s" involved with diamonds, carat is the one to ignore.

Think about this. It's easy to go to a jewelry store and compare the same shaped diamonds next to each other, however, if a 1-carat oval diamond for $5,000 is 0.2mm larger in length and 0.2mm larger in width that a 0.8-carat oval diamond for $2,800, would you notice the difference? I didn't. So, because of this, I added a ruler below to show you.

We are talking less than 1mm difference in dimensions. Why would you spend $2,200 more for something unnoticeable? This is what I realized and why I created this website, to help you. We focus the on size, so you can focus on the sparkle.

In the end, I spent $4,900 on three loose diamonds, totaling 1.4 carats, with a platinum ring and setting. The diamonds are colorless to the naked eye (G, F, & E) and have a clarity of VS1 (sides) and VVS2 (center stone). The appraisal came in at $7,300! That is a 65% mark-up mistake I could have made.

Actual size of Online Ruler (cm/mm)


Start simple and choose a diamond cut keeping your search to one shape at a time. There is no need to seach multiple shapes at once like other websites. We only allow a single shape selection.


This is you diamond target. Choose the carat weight you want to purchase. This helps our AI search for diamonds with less carat weight, but similar in size. You want to purchase a diamond less than your goal.


Choose the grades you want in your diamond. Remember you are looking for the best sparkle, so "Symmetry" and "Cut" should always be "Very Good" or "Excellent." The sparkle will get you the biggest reaction.


By purchasing a diamond less than your carat goal, you automatically are able to acquire a high-quality diamond for less than you would pay at the jewelry store, while remaining within budget. Your saving could be so big that you have room to splurge on a better ring and setting.