D iamonds have the power to take over the world. And every day they add a little something more to what they already offer. With the latest trends and styles, diamond jewelry is worn in so many different ways, each unique to its own.

Diamonds allow to create a look that combines an eclectic mix of history and tradition, along with modernity and opulence.

We look into the past to design our future, and diamonds have come a long way from where they began. Diamonds are in this season; they are back and stronger than ever. 2020 looks forward to seeing some intense and exciting trends for diamond jewelry.

Diamonds can be paired and customised in ways that could give you a simple and classy look for an evening dinner. Still, they also have the versatility to present themselves as red carpet jewels, where they add a more extravagant and majestic look complimenting what you wear.

While the dainty necklaces and classic hoops have taken over for a while, we believe 2020 is the time for the return of maximalist jewelry. 2020 is expected to bring in intricate rhinestone detailing, stacked diamond jewelry, larger-than-life earrings, redefined chokers, statement necklaces, and even bracelets ready to capture the hearts of all men and women alike.

International runways in Milan, Paris, and London have a strong presence in diamond jewelry; whether it is antique and vintage diamond jewelry or chunky diamond necklaces, diamonds are in.

The Balenciaga Runway Show 2019 was crawling with exciting jewelry trends of all different sorts. Owing to designers like Chanel and Loewe, who showcased risk-taking jewelry with cascading necklines and bold red carpet jewels and diamonds; what we were a little wary of before is now approachable.

“Like a little diamond, I am eternal.” ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Satre had it right. Even though we were all caught up in a dainty “everyday” craze of jewelry, diamonds are eternal. And they are here again to make a statement.

The Met Gala 2019 was abundant with statement-making red carpet jewels and flooded with diamond jewelry.

Naomi Campbell’s stroll on the red carpet was paired with archival Bulgari rubies and diamond jewels together, was a look to remember. With the high diamond bracelets and earrings, we knew that the Met Gala 2019 was making a statement. And it was made by the diamonds on her wrist.

The King of Diamonds, Harry Winston, of course, ruled on the red carpet at the Met Gala 2019. Platinum and diamond jewels dressed the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Jennifer Lopez, who was one among them wore a “Purple Dragon Necklace” set with a 65.32-carat purple sapphire. But what truly made it stand out was the fact that it was surrounded by several intricate diamond rings, bracelets, and earrings.

We know that they say a woman's best friends are diamonds, but Nick Jonas seemed to have a pretty great relationship with diamond jewelry at the Met Gala 2019 as well. He boasted several Chopard jewels, which included a necklace featuring 40.12-carats of pear-shaped diamonds, 1.17-carats of heart-shaped diamonds, 18.14-carats of diamonds, and .59-carats of marquise-cut diamonds.

That was just the diamond necklace. His ring featured 3.07-carats of marquise-cut diamonds, and he carried a timepiece featuring 38.30-carats of diamonds.

Naomi Cambell at the 2019 Met Gala
Naomi Cambell walking the pink carpet at the 2019 Met Gala. Image Source
Nick Jonas at the 2019 Met Gala
Nick Jonas arriving at the 2019 Met Gala. Image Source
2019 set the mood and tone for 2020. With the Balenciaga show and the Met Gala 2019, 2020 is going to be a bold year for diamond jewelry. Designers have been working day and night trying to create a quirky and creative style while reviving retro trends.

Whether it’s a cool dainty diamond shape, a chain with a chunky pendant, or an engagement ring, 2020 is the year to become different and more daring.

Upcoming Trends

Stacking & Layering

The year 2020 will see plenty of stacking and layering. The “the more, the better” approach in diamond jewelry is catching up, and we are here for it. The upcoming season is going to be full of simple and intricate rings on fingers and toes while several bracelets lined up the arm and necklace upon necklace. It may sound like overload, but custom made pieces can work beautifully with the latest trends to be ultra-modern and stand out of the crowd.

Sleek Simplicity

The world has been going oh so fast. At this speed, people will find comfort in patience and nostalgia, leaving room for a bit of deceleration. A craving for the calm and simple is materialised through redefined shapes and volumes of diamond jewelry.

Collections will focus on the needed value of the simplicity of life while making a bold statement on an everyday basis. 2020 will be a year of quality and longevity in diamond jewelry as well as the mindfulness of consumers to find joy in slowing down.

Self-Expressive Statement

2020 will focus on a fuse of femininity and street culture. The blended lifestyle of millennials is on the rise, and diamond jewelry is to be right on par with creating an emphatic statement. Individuality is in trend, which has resulted in the creation of a variety of statement-making diamond jewelry.


The modern world demands authenticity, and diamond jewelry is in line with this for 2020. How to wear trends with custom made pieces A double-layered necklace which you can detach and wear as a bracelet, or a set of rings which you can stack together to create a whole new look. 2020 will be all about making a statement, enhanced utility, and having fun with your jewelry.

With the evolving personality of men and women in the world, there is a change in the trend of diamond jewelry. It can be “go big or go home” or “be simple or go home”. You can do what you want with your jewelry.

Diamonds add the class, the pizazz. You can style it the way you want with custom diamond jewelry to keep up with the trends. Even diamond wedding jewelry in modern times is sometimes composed of pieces that are smaller, which can be reused. 2020 is all about making the most of diamond jewelry.

Diamonds as earrings

A simple and everyday style of diamonds is wearing diamond stones earrings. While some people state that you are not supposed to wear diamond jewelry throughout the day, diamond earrings are most definitely the golden (or should we say diamond) exception to this.

Diamond earrings pair well with basically every outfit. They add a touch of elegance and class to any look. Also, they match every colour. Diamond earrings also have the power to add a bit of a vintage touch to your appearance. Diamond earrings are truly timeless.

Round Earrings

Three dimensional and round-shaped earrings are making a statement from the runways to the studios. In 2020 we will see a lot of these earrings. Diamond earrings in theses styles are going to take over the season.

They are inspired by celestial beauty- plants, stars, and spheres or magic crystal balls and sparkly Christmas decorations, these designs in diamond earrings are a little more exciting than the usual diamond stud. The stars are aligned and the trend is back again with celestial jewelry, except this time in diamonds.

Large & Long Earrings

Another popular trend that is anticipated in 2020, which has gained continued momentum is the large, bold statement earrings. Huge diamond earrings in different styles can be quite something. Whether they are long, shoulder-grazing chandeliers, or large and mismatched earring styles or size, this new trend is a rule breaker.

The One-Earing

Just the one diamond earring can make a statement on its own. Keeping it simple or not, the one earring adds something more to a look even though it is technically less. It can be a sculptural or geometric stud or just a dangling hoop.


Diamond necklaces can be flashy and extravagant or subtle and dressy. A diamond necklace can look great with a little black dress or cashmere sweater. The darkness tends to makes the diamonds stand out more. The more elaborate the diamond and necklace is, the more subtle the clothes should be.

A choker for a high neck or something long for a V-neck, diamond necklaces in whatever style are here in 2020. The more elaborate the diamond cut and necklace, the more subtle your clothes should be.


2020 welcomes chokers once again. But not the fragile or delicate stackable chokers. These are statement chokers. They are hard and sturdy silhouettes that gently curve around the neck in diamonds.

While they look great with high necks , wear a diamond choker with a scoop neck top, or a top with a low neckline elongates your neck and make it more slender. No wonder 2020 is all about chokers. You can style them in almost anything.

Long necklaces

2020 is going to be rather risqué. If you prefer a long and languid neckline, long necklaces with a diamond pendant attached provide the perfect look. A necklace that drapes down, tends to complement the neckline of the bold and the beautiful.

Thick Chains

Bold and thick - big diamond chains are in trend. The retro flair is what millennials are into.


Could anything really be better than a diamond ring? Yes. Several diamond rings! Stacking multiple diamond rings on one finger is in trend and is going to take 2020 by storm. It already has begun.

Each diamond cut of the ring should be a different shape and size when stacking them. The rings won't blend into each other this way and will stand out.

Tri-Stone Rings

Diamond rings that have three distinct stones are topping the market this moment, courtesy our Duchess of Sussex. Three stones-a larger centre stone which is complemented by two smaller stones. Meghan Markle’s ring this tri-stone design that is becoming increasingly popular.

Pinky Rings

The pink ring trend is growing in 2020. They are so simple and versatile and add something extra to your usual outfit. They work well for both men and women.

Body jewelry

We love necklaces. We love rings. We love bracelets. But most of all, we love diamonds. And there are more places to drape diamonds across your body than just your neck or your arms. This season, you can take your idea of jewelry to a whole other level by wearing it on your body.

As a body chain or a belt, a diamond-studded accessory always stands out. Whether it’s on a loose dress or tight jeans, you can now flaunt diamonds in 2020 through body jewelry and accessories.

Tennis bracelets

There is a whole lot more than just your usual set of diamond bangles or bracelets. A tennis bracelet is in style in 2020. Tennis bracelets truly bring in the retro flair and old school vibe that the modern world simply adores. In fact, tennis bracelets do date back to the 80's. And it is back adding more style to your usual diamond jewelry.

These bracelets look the best on your wrist when you're wearing shorter sleeves, which accentuates its style and draws focus to your wrist. People can adore your diamond bracelet more clearly this way. Besides this, the best part of diamond tennis bracelets is that they fit into the underlying style of 2020- which is stacking. Diamond tennis bracelets can be stacked one on top of the other. Different styles give it a bolder look.

Wearing diamonds

Millennials want to buy things for themselves. They want to know what lies behind a product’s making. It’s story. And diamonds have just this. Diamonds have a past. They always have. With these new trends in diamonds that allow for styling in a plethora of ways, diamonds are making a statement in 2020.

More simple and subtle diamond jewelry pieces could work well for elegant dressing and formal occasions. If an occasion is more casual, bolder jewelry is what catches the eye. A cluster of chandelier diamond earrings or a chunky bracelet with stacked rings will get heads turning. Contrast looks great, especially when it comes to diamonds—the less intense the outfit, the more the jewelry, the bolder the statement.

2020 will make it clear that you have the option to your jewelry in different ways. You don’t have to wear a diamond wedding set only to weddings. Diamonds are experimental. And the world knows it.