T he quote “A diamond is forever” reflects the stone’s symbol of deep, everlasting love that doesn’t end, and also establishes the fact that it is the hardest known substance on earth. The diamond is also the stone used to symbolize one’s 60th anniversary. The colorless beauty, brilliance, and inner fire of this precious stone have endeared it to people for centuries. No two diamond stones are the same, and each stone has a unique set of complex characteristics, making it practically impossible to duplicate it.

Diamonds were not initially used for jewelry. They were reportedly used as decoration pieces and as spiritual objects to keep evil spirits at bay. It was only some thousand years ago that diamonds entered the jewelry market, and slowly it became a custom to propose marriage with a diamond ring. It was also reserved for only upper-class citizens, but now, its affordability has significantly improved.

Why A Diamond Ring?

Why have a wedding without a ring? And what would a ring be without a beautiful stone to perfect its beauty?

A ring is a small piece of a circular band worn around the finger. It is a circle that has no beginning and no end, and therefore symbolizes the infinite and endless nature of true love.

Rings made from precious metals are the most expensive and most sought after. And diamonds are equally the most desirable stones for completing the ring. It is only natural that a durable stone should seal an unbreakable bond. This is the philosophy behind the use of a diamond ring to seal a union.

Buying A Real Diamond

Buying a diamond is a full package experience. You are making a very huge financial as well as an emotional investment. So naturally, you’ll want to know whether or not a diamond is real before you sign on the dotted line and make a deposit.

It is right for a person to be cautious when about to purchase a diamond ring. There are lots of fake diamonds in the market today, and also, there are stones that may look like a diamond, but they are not. Some natural gems with a strong resemblance to diamonds are colorless sapphire, colorless topaz, and colorless zircon. Therefore to avoid being ripped off, you should consult a professional jeweler. Ensure to see the diamond certificate issued by a reputable gem laboratory, like the GIA, before you make a purchase.

Your diamond ring is a symbol of a bond to be cherished. So being something of great value, you would do well to take good care of it.

Some tips on how to take care of your diamond ring:

1. Get it insured.

2. Take it to your jeweler regularly for cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals on them as that could damage it.

3. Avoid instances that would result in scratches on the surface.

4. Don’t take it off in public places. The chances are that you might forget or lose them.

5. Remove it when you have to carry out some rigorous activities, like sports or housework, and keep in a safe place.

The great variety of options available today make it possible for you to have that diamond ring you always dreamed of. It is even possible to have one custom-made to your specifications, without breaking the bank.

A diamond ring remains a prized possession for the owner and continues to command respect and value. Be sure to enjoy yours.